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Schedule of Events

Meet & Greet / Casino Night

Music on Friday Night

Music on Saturday Night

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1 August Wednesday: Casino Night $20.00 Buy-In / Gift Basket valued at $500.00
2 August Thursday: Local Talent Concert & Kitchen Party: $5.00, Free (12 & under)
3 August Friday: Outdoor Concert: $10.00 (19+), $5.00 (teens), Free (12 & under)
4 August Saturday: Outdoor Concert: $10.00 (19+), $5.00 (teens), Free (12 & under)
5 August Sunday: Garden Party (No Charge)

We hope you drop by to enjoy our 2018 Come Home Year festivities and that at the end of our celebration you leave with an armload of prizes, a full stomach, souvenirs to mark the occasion and – most importantly – the most wonderful memories to cherish forever!